Challenging The COVID Vaccine Agenda

Astrazenica and Johnson & Johnson “DNA Vaccines” Can Alter Your DNA

  • Despite what the authorities have told us, the new vaccines make use of genetic technology and should really be classified as “gene therapy”. The Astrazenica and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are in fact “DNA vaccines”, making use of an adenovirus from the common cold of the chimpanzee to deliver altered DNA to the human cell's nucleus. And just like the mRNA vaccines before them, there is a chance they may alter DNA.

    As mentioned in the previous post, mRNA based vaccines could potentially alter DNA. One of the manufacturers claims about the safety of their vaccines is that the foreign mRNA never reaches the cell’s nucleus where your DNA is stored and therefore pose no threat to altering Human DNA. However, the Astrazenica and Johnson & Johnson DNA openly say their vaccines carry the foreign DNA into the nucleus. As such, they pose an even greater risk of altering Human DNA.

    Once in the nucleus, the foreign DNA from the vaccine may pose a high risk of being integrated into the human host DNA through enzymes that are endogenous, or native, to the human species[1]. Because the foreign DNA from the vaccine is inserted into the nucleus, in proximity to the native human DNA genetic integration and alteration is quite probable:

    Foreign DNA integration is one of the most widely exploited cellular processes in molecular biology. Its technical use permits us to alter a cellular genome by incorporating a fragment of foreign DNA into the chromosomal DNA. This process employs the cell's own endogenous DNA modification and repair machinery. Two main classes of integration mechanisms exist: those that draw on sequence similarity between the foreign and genomic sequences to carry out homology-directed modifications, and the nonhomologous or ‘illegitimate’ insertion of foreign DNA into the genome. Gene therapy procedures can result in illegitimate integration of introduced sequences and thus pose a risk of unforeseeable genomic alterations [1].


    What is being suggested is that DNA alteration is not only possible but designed that way. The adenovirus being used comes from the common cold in chimpanzees who share a 93% genetic similarity with us humans. As such, it would be an excellent mechanism to exploit homologous, similar, genetic sequences as mentioned before, to permanently alter your DNA.

    In addition, unlike the mRNA vaccine whose proponents claim is safe because mRNA decays within 72 hours of entering, the DNA lasts in the cell's nucleus altering the Human Genome. It is through this mechanism an artificially designed DNA segment could be inserted into the population’s genome at large by corporate and government entities.

    1. Published: 08 September 2003: "Illegitimate DNA integration in mammalian cells" Gene Therapy. Nature. H Würtele, K C E Little & P Chartrand.![0_1614883645002_41434_2003_Article_BF3302074_Fig1_HTML.webp](Uploading 100%)

  • @admin get post. In is just the next Trojan horse in their war to control the human population

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