Challenging The COVID Vaccine Agenda

mRNA Vaccine Could Alter Your DNA

  • The short answer is yes, it is quite possible that the Pfizer/Moderna mRNA vaccine could alter your DNA. So why risk it?

    First of all, the manufacturers and authorities of these mRNA vaccines make the claim that the mRNA never enters the nucleus of the cell where DNA is stored and therefore can not alter the DNA. This is not true. In fact, there are "nuclear pores" that allow for exchange of materials such as mRNA with the intracellular cytosol across the nuclear membrane or "nuclear envelope" which makes it possible for mRNA to enter and alter our DNA.

    Some background, the general process in the cell is that DNA creates mRNA which in turn creates proteins. RNA is like a temporary photocopy of your DNA and is used to make proteins. Proteins are the building blocks that cells use to grow and repair themselves.

    However, in the special case of viruses, RNA can be converted to DNA through an active protein, or “enzyme”, called Reverse Transcriptase which is then integrated into the host human DNA, helping the virus make more viruses. The authorities tell us the mRNA “vaccines” do not work like this because, unlike the virus, there is no Reverse Transcriptase present to help the mRNA alter your DNA. However, that is not true.

    Reverse Transcriptases are in fact naturally present in the human cell. The human genetic code, or genome, has a number of Reverse Transcriptases encoded within it from viruses that have infected us as a species in the past, like HIV. It is estimated over 20% of our DNA is based on genetic “leftovers” from viruses past. Even according to Margaret Liu, one of the top government doctors, who is a senior adviser of vaccinology at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has said [ 1 ] :

    "However, HERVs [68] (human endogenous retroviruses) whose remnants are now permanent parts of human genomes as retrovirus-like sequences comprise up to 8% of the human genome. In addition, some recipients of mRNA drugs or vaccines may be already infected with a retrovirus (e.g., HIV), thus providing a theoretical means for provision of the proteins needed for integration [69,70]."

    Considering the Human Genome consists of at least 30 000 genes coding for roughly 3 proteins each, that means there are approximately 2400 genes that are descended from viruses. Surely, there may exist enzymes encoded by these genes, similar to Reverse Transcriptase, that make it possible for the vaccine’s mRNA to in fact integrate its resulting DNA into ours, altering our DNA. Once part of our DNA, this mRNA derived code can use existing viral genetic mechanisms or components, called Retrotransposons, to amplify and multiply rapidly in our DNA through reverse transcription that includes the formation of a Ribonucleoprotein. Ribonucleoproteins could then form reverse transcriptases which would then rapidly amplify the amount of foreign DNA and integrating it into and altering your DNA. It is said that over 42% of human DNA contains Retrotransposons from viruses past [2] . In the case of Retrotransposons known as LINEs, Wikipedia says:

    "However, LINEs can transpose into the human embryo cells that eventually develop into the nervous system, raising the question whether this LINE retrotransposition affects brain function. LINE retrotransposition is also a feature of several cancers, but it is unclear whether retrotransposition itself causes cancer instead of just a symptom."

    In summary, mRNA based vaccines have never truly been tested on Humans and the long term side effects are still unknown. In this post we've established that it is theoretically possible that the mRNA vaccine could alter your DNA. There are many molecular mechanisms in the cell that we still do not fully understand. We are learning new things all the time. Why mess with it?


    [1] Special Issue Advances in DNA Vaccines "A Comparison of Plasmid DNA and mRNA as Vaccine Technologies" Margaret A. Liu, Published: 24 April 2019.

    [2] Nature "Initial sequencing and analysis of the human genome" International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium. Published: 15 February 2001


  • I totally believe they are messing with our DNA and genome. They could do all sorts of stuff. Like make people more compliant and less likely to resist. Create all kinds of issues.

  • I always thought the vaccine was a Trojan Horse. Presented as a gift to get inside the gates of Troy. Only to hide the soldiers inside that destroyed the city.

  • I am not big on science. Barely finished high-school science, but I have no doubt that you are onto something here. Something they might not want to have spread around.
    So I will spread it around!

  • Great post. I am sure the government does not want your theory tested. It would be nice if a study could be done to see what really is inside these vaccines.

  • @gretchin Thanks for commenting. and thanks for joining us on this new free speech forum. Our main admin has a background in science and computer science. We would love to test our theory out in the lab. Of course, that takes big money. No government, or university, or corporation will fund that kind of research. You can't even make this claim in most online settings. But if we can get some scientists on board, and get some donations, then for sure we would love to do the research. We did set up paypal donations button at the bottom of the page. Who knows. But we will keep out the hope for more clues to what they are hiding in the vaccines.

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