Challenging The COVID Vaccine Agenda

Truth about the Plandemic

  • A good read about what is coming with the plandemic.
    Description: 💔 Hate to burst your bubble 💔 . . . but if you're celebrating the lifting of mask mandates for the vaxxed. . . Umm. . . Enjoy it for the brief moment you can. It's obvious what the end game is. . . 🚩 To create a new PROBLEM: How to know who is truly vaxxed?? 🚩 for which they already have the SOLUTION.

    ⚠️ Important tangent alert ⚠️
    🚩 Oldest trick in the book: CREATE PROBLEM to SELL your PRE-PLANNED SOLUTION.
    🔹️Big Pharma- make us sick with vaccines to sell us drugs;
    🔹️War on poverty to make us a welfare state & destroy nuclear families;
    🔹️War on drugs to fill prisons, hospitals, rehab centers and cemeteries, and line their pockets
    🚩 And IF the problem isn't actually severe enough to be an actual global threat, the propaganda media will trick people that it is!
    🔹️Global Warming (hoax) so they can crush economies and tech so we are rendered powerless,
    🔹️Systemic Racism (nope... we have statistcally LOW instances of racism and a whole bunch of non-race-based events that are LABELED as racism) so we learn to hate and judge each other based on race and BONUS, also destroy law and order as police are maligned and quit.
    🔹️Mass Shootings so that we are eventually disarmed and unable to defend ourselves.
    🔹️ "Terrorism" (invisible enemies are the best kind. . . Kinda like corona) so our govt can topple any govt they choose, anytime.
    🔹️Overpopulation so our kids fear having kids and we can justify abortion and euthanasia.
    ⚠️ Tangent Finished! ⚠️

    🚩 NEW PROBLEM: 🚩 How to know who is truly vaxxed??
    Oh shoot! Guess we will need vax passports after all. Oh. . . BTW. . . Your govt isn't doing this to you - that would be illegal. Businesses are doing it! And they can do what they want, right? (But they are doing it to comply w govt mandates. . . and Cdc guidelines. 🤔 which come from the govt . . . 🤔 hmm... This is so confusing.)

    So then we will have vaccine passports.

    BUT! There will be so many fakes being produced, soon it will have to be a federalized, non-fakeable type of ID, like federalized drivers licenses we have to get right now, to fly. Harder to do and big penalties like prison if you get csught.

    Even that will prove too difficult. Tech makes it too easy to counterfeit anything on paper. And lives are at stake! Covid kills!!

    Sigh... So it will have to be something digital and implanted so that it can't be stolen, lost or faked. Hmm... 🤔 sound familiar? (Rev 13, anyone?).


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  • Pretty well somes up the whole plan. Even the way they will Institute mandatory passports

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  • Let’s says there’s is approximately 5%of us refusing a Covid vaccine. Can businesses afford to lose 5% of their trade 🤔 is a global community discussion forum dedicated to providing an open platform for free uncensored speech surrounding is a global community discussion forum dedicated to providing an open platform for free uncensored speech surrounding COVID.

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